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brand to life with game-changing ionized beverage technology.

CBD that works in minutes

Experience profound effects in minutes.

LifeTonic’s industry-first supplement delivery technology ionizes oil-based plant compounds so they behave more like salts instead of oils - enabling them to dissolve completely in water without emulsifiers. As a result, difficult to digest plant compounds are almost immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, providing noticeable effects faster than any other product on the market.

In addition to being fast, ionized CBD changes color in beverages. When CBD is ionized it turns purple. When CBD deionizes, it changes from purple to yellow. This is a natural process and all that is needed is a little citrus juice or carbonated water to serve striking, color changing mocktails.

55 patents granted & pending Beverage Technology

CBD that works as quickly as a glass of wine.

55 patents granted & pending sublingual spray technology

Calm your mood in minutes with ionized sublingual sprays.

from plant to extract in less than two seconds to preserve what nature intended

USDA Organic Full-Spectrum Extracts

The rest of the industry uses solvents. We use air.

LifeTonic pioneered USDA Organic certified hemp extraction. We invented and currently hold 40 pending and granted patents on the world's only extraction technology that uses heated air instead of solvents to gently evaporate cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes from hemp.

Cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes are evaporated in seconds – directly from plant material – to produce higher potency extracts with vastly superior terpene content. In a single combined step, we extract, fully-activate and refine hemp to produce a potent, high terpene content premium full-spectrum extract.

40 patents granted & pending extraction process

Better quality extracts make better products.

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