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Ionized Supplements Delivery Technology

Feel profound effects in minutes.

CBD, CBG and turmeric extract are oil-based compounds that do not dissolve in water.  Since our bodies are made of mostly water, this presents a problem: oil-based ingredients are very slow to absorb when ingested.

LifeTonic’s industry-first supplement delivery technology ionizes oil-based plant compounds so they behave more like salts instead of oils - enabling them to dissolve completely in water without emulsifiers. As a result, difficult to digest plant compounds are almost immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, providing noticeable effects faster than any other product on the market.

Both of the images below have the same number of active ingredient molecules. It is easy to observe why our technology works faster.

Nano-Emulsified Supplements

A nano-emulsified ingredient is not actually dissolved.  A nano-emulsion is a suspension of microscopic oil particles in liquid. The body's digestive surfaces are limited to contact with the footprints of the emulsified nano-globules, delaying absorption relative to ionized compounds.

LifeTonic Ionized Supplements

An ionized ingredient consists of single active molecules dissolved in liquid.  A dissolved ingredient absorbs faster than an emulsified nano-globule. The body's digestive surface areas are evenly-coated with single molecules for ultra-rapid onset of effects.

It is only authentic if it changes color.

When CBD, CBG, and Turmeric are ionized, the way that they absorb light is altered, causing a change in color. When our ionized herbal products are exposed to a mild acid, such as carbonated water or citrus juice, they lose their ionization and change back to their original, non-ionized colors. This makes for a striking color show when serving mixed drinks!

CBD Color Change

When ionized CBD transitions from an ionized state to a neutrally-charged state, it changes color from purple to a champagne yellow.

CBG Color Change

When ionized CBG transitions from an ionized state to a neutrally-charged state, it changes color from maroon to yellow.

Turmeric Color Change

When ionized turmeric extract transitions from an ionized state to a neutrally-charged state, it changes color from vibrant red-orange to vibrant yellow.